Press Clipping
John Westmoreland – Musician, New CD “Cast Fire”

John Westmoreland is a native of North Carolina. He’s been playing music since he was a kid, inspired by the likes of Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits. John has a new album called Cast Fire which is remarkable in it’s depth and what it calls forth from listeners.

John plays live shows, and he plays live for people who are dealing with Alzheimers and dementia, at local memory care homes. He’s a very warm hearted person, bringing songs of love and justice to the world.

John has been exploring the legacy of his deceased uncle T-Bone Slim, who was a bard and supporter of the IWW. Look for more, in the near future, from John regarding T-Bone Slim!

Music by: Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt, John Westmoreland